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Breeding Philosophy


Our goal is to improve the breeds and to produce puppies that are sound in temperament, health, and show abilities in the field with correct conformation. As breeders we continue to strive for the perfect Vizsla and Wirehaired Vizsla, and hope that each puppy is better than its parents. Our Vizslas and Wirehaired Vizslas are bred to be companions first, with the expectations that they are sound and meet the breed standard. We strive to produce versatile dogs that can compete in all arenas.


As the breed referral and breed education representatives for the Vizsla Club of America in the Southern California area, we spend a lot of time meeting with people to inform them of the nuances of our wonderful breed. We are constantly expanding our own knowledge of dogs by consulting our mentor, Marion Coffman (Cariad Vizslas), other breeders and local veterinarians. We are involved with numerous clubs and organizations to help promote the sport of purebred dogs as well as being available to answer questions about living with a Vizsla or Wirehaired Vizsla.

What is a Reputable Breeder?

We define a reputable breeder as one who belongs to the parent club of their breed and follows the code of ethics. As part of their responsibility, a breeder should have knowledge of the pedigrees that are being combined, complete health tests (OFA, Thyroid, etc), supply guarantees standing behind any puppy placed, including requiring the right of first return. An explanation of Spay and Neuter requirements for all puppies sold on "limited" registration.


We have devoted over twenty years to the betterment of Vizsla breed. Our breeding program begins on paper by reviewing pedigrees. We also spend time meeting dogs or their get to identify qualities that we like and dislike. Our mentor, Marion Coffman, has instilled in us that the true gauge of a breeding program is not in the show ring, field or other arenas, but in the whelping box. We do not breed our dogs without completing a conformation title.

Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization begins as soon as the puppies are whelped. Our puppies are raised in a home environment, being handles and socialized from birth by child and adults of all ages. They are constantly introduced to new situations, including noises, crates, car rides. Housebreaking and crate training begins at 4 weeks of age. Before the puppies go to their new homes all aspects of continuing the socialization process are discussed.

Why a Contract?

When you adopt any puppy from us, we are entering into a relationship. This relationship should be opened and all information should be available to all parties. We will discuss all our expectations and address any questions you might have regarding the contract/agreement to protect not only the puppy, but you as a buyer and our reputation as a cognizant breeder. Our contract addresses, our health guarantees, care requirements, breeding requirements, spay/neuter requirements, competitive activities and ownership. Before adopting a puppy we will review the contract in its entirety and discuss any issue, concerns or expectations. AKC paperwork will be filled out and signed prior to leaving with your new puppy. A five generation pedigree will be supplied as part of the paperwork.

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